Karin Verland



With more than 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry, Karin has excelled in turning around and growing businesses, raising the level of employee engagement, and building strong relationships with business stakeholders. As a seasoned general manager, she is able to build bridges between commercial and medical functions in order to achieve real business results.

Karin was CEO at Pfizer Denmark, managing director at Baxter Denmark and business unit director at Baxter Nordics. In her various positions, she provided general management leadership to commercial (marketing, sales, finance, external affairs, and public affairs), regulatory, medical, and clinical research functions and personnel.

Further, Karin serves as a non-executive board member on several small to medium-size biotechnology and medical technology companies. She is also an expert judge for the Maritime and Commercial Court in Copenhagen. Karin is a medical doctor who has maintained her license to practice, and is currently pursuing an MBA at the Leicester University, UK.